Monday, January 30, 2012

Emotion in Singing Lin Yu Chun

Hi, It's my first post for this blog. And it's first but a bit weird to post it here.
But I think it's good to post this here.

I came across this video today by just browsing the Internet. I think it has a great appeal. I was thinking why, I don't mean to be mean but he is not good looking in general. But he has a great appeal. Of course he has great singing voice, but I think there is another thing that's very important. Emotion.
If you look at his performance I think he has a emotion that he put in to the song that makes him move. That movement with his emotion behind it, I think, is very important when we animate.
I myself love singing and always try to be a better singer. And good singers are not people with perfect skill and techniques( of course it is important and they must have it!) but also who can put their emotion in to the song they are singing. Without emotion everything becomes dead. I think it is same for animation too, even if we have perfect skills and movement, the character won't be alive if we cannot put the emotion behind the movement.

I thought about that by watching this so, I decided to share this.





  1. <裏づけされた感情がなければ、キャラクターは生きてこないと。


  2. Every our movements came from internal tings. And it connects external things. Why he looks so emotional, because i guess, he understand this song's lyric, well. This means he can ready for internal things, and external things is of course, singing for him. How about us Animator? We have to understand your character's "inside". This well understanding can only makes "believable" things. If your analyze is not enough, This animation is just no life, no emotions and no specific magics. He is the singer but he did the same thing for us; animator.

    アニメーターの場合はどうでしょう。アニメーターはキャラクターの内をよく理解しなければいけません。もしこの分析が十分でなければ、アニメーションは死んでしまい、感情はなく、特別な魅力もなくなります。 彼は歌手ですが、アニメーターと同じプロセスをしたと思います。