Monday, December 19, 2011



I am studying the way to describe character by acting recently, and I noticed the main two characters from Ponyo are really well done. Ponyo's character is really emotional and she shows her emotion in really huge and clear way on her face and body and it's easy to change as well. On the other side, Sosuke, he is little more mature compare to her, yet he is still kid because sometimes he can not focus on several stuff at the same time (or just concentrate on one thing too much). I can tell his character by his acting, I know where he focuses or not. I think this clip is one of the examples.  


  1. 目線や目力の表現がジブリならではですね。目線一つで大分表情の感じが変わると思います。自分もいい表情が出せず行き詰まった時は、思い切って目線を変えたり:)

  2. ジブリ映画は性格をとても大切にして制作していると思います。すべての行動や表情はその性格に沿っているのでしょうね。ポニョやそうすけの内面がどこまで考えられているか気になります。

    I think that the ghibli movie values character very much and produces it. There will be all actions and expressions along the character. I am interested where the inside of ponyo and sousuke is thought about to.

  3. ポニョもそうですが、昨日耳をすませばも観ていて、ジブリは間の取り方がすごいうまいように感じます。less is moreという言葉がよく当てはまると思います。アニメならではの止めることの美学みたいのを感じます。

    I think Ghibli has really good moving holds between lines since Japanese animation does not move all the time and a lot of holds are used but I think it is really effective when they show the character's feeling. I strongly feel the word, less is more.

  4. I really want to see Ponyo now! I had no clue what it was about. Looks great!

  5. Recently I was watching Ghibli's animation a lot, and their animation is limited and the characters do not move a lot. Looks like that's why they achieved so subtle acting to show the characters. I think they did really good job for subtle acting.