Sunday, December 18, 2011

I wanna be like you

My first clip is from my favorite the Jungle Book, I was so amazed first time I saw this. I do not even understand how to animate his legs and arms. Two of them are moving at different timing and beat, yet looks really connected, interactive each other. Awesome! anything notice about acting, his character?


  1. I love how each character shows who they are through this dance sequence. Bagheera is so focused on getting Mowgli back, doesn't dance. Baloo can't help but dance. King Louie loves to dance, but doesn't like being upstaged. Mowgli is just a boy trying to adapt to this every changing environment, so he just goes with the flow. All the other monkeys (with the except of one, who shows he shares a love for performance like King Louie), loyal to King Louie, serve as his audience.

  2. to be honest, I love this sequence but I didnt really see this from that point of view. Your explanation of is really clear and make sense. I feel I need to pay attention what the characters are thinking and feeling more...